Field performs several calculations related to the EM fields from an antenna, including the following:
A: determine RF field strength from TX antenna gain and TX power.

B: determine TX power from RF field strength, and TX antenna gain.
C: determine RF field strength from power absorbed by a receiving antenna.
D: determine power absorbed by an antenna from RF field strength and ant gain.
E: determine path loss from RX and TX antenna gain.
Options A and B relate the field strength from a transmitting antenna to the antenna parameters.
Options C and D relate the field strength impinging on a receiving antenna to the antenna parameters and the RF power absorbed by the antenna.
Option E calculates the open field path loss for a pair of antennas.

Program Name: Field
Function: RF field strength calculations
License type: Freeware
Description: Calculates RF field strength (ie. volts per meter) from
antenna gain and power. Handy for EMI testing, etc.
Link location: Local

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