• SiliconExpert - search 185 Million electronic components for cross reference, lifecycle, parametric, environmental & inventory data.
  • Parkers Engineering features electrical / electronic forumulas software.
  • Designerswest is a technical publisher / distributor of practical engineering/scientific calculation software and reference handbooks for students, designers, engineers, architects and educators.
  • XFusion Software allows a digital design engineer the capability to quickly and effectively draw digital timing diagrams.
  • EMI Software develops electromagnetic interference prediction software for electronics designers and engineers.
  • Electrist is an electrical & electronic engineering calculator for the Palm OS.
  • Dolphin's Software has Volts, a full-featured electricican's calculator licensed by the NFPA NEC, as well as Conversions, an extremely accurate unit conversion calculator.
  • LabVIEW software from National Instruments - the most widely used software for test, measurement, and control.
  • SureCount - the world's first symbol recognition software designed for the construction industry.
  • Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator - CAD package for the design and analysis of electrical transmission lines and directional couplers of totally arbitary cross section.
  • VIA Development Corporation provides AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT based electrical controls design software. Automatic generation of BOM's, wire lists, etc.
  • FMEA Software - FMEA-Pro is a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis software for manufacturers of Automotive, Electronic, Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing products.
  • Circuit Magic is educational software showing circuit calculations using Kirchhoff's laws, Node Voltage and Mesh Current methods.
  • Dromey Design has powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use electrical analysis software.
  • VHDL Test Bench Tool - generates test benches that are both low-cost and unlike other tools not constraining.
  • SynaptiCAD is your source for cutting edge timing analysis and VHDL & Verilog generation and simulation software.
  • netCOMPONENTS Electronic Component Sourcing Database - contains billions of parts from hundreds of stocking distributors worldwide! Multilingual site has free demo.
  • PartMiner - The world's best way to search the internet for electronic components.
  • Siborg Systems - Educational and Research software for Electrical Engineering Students.
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