Program Name: Stub
Function: Microstrip Radial Stub calculation
License type: Freeware
Description: Design a printed broad band bypass using a Microstrip Radial Stub.

Design a radial stub online
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 Field performs several calculations related to the EM fields from an antenna, including the following:
A: determine RF field strength from TX antenna gain and TX power.

B: determine TX power from RF field strength, and TX antenna gain.
C: determine RF field strength from power absorbed by a receiving antenna.
D: determine power absorbed by an antenna from RF field strength and ant gain.
E: determine path loss from RX and TX antenna gain.
Options A and B relate the field strength from a transmitting antenna to the antenna parameters.
Options C and D relate the field strength impinging on a receiving antenna to the antenna parameters and the RF power absorbed by the antenna.
Option E calculates the open field path loss for a pair of antennas.

Program Name: Field
Function: RF field strength calculations
License type: Freeware
Description: Calculates RF field strength (ie. volts per meter) from
antenna gain and power. Handy for EMI testing, etc.
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Antenna is a collection of Basic programs related to antennas and propagation. It includes a program to design loop yagi antennas. There is a horn program which is reported to be somewhat deficient.
The following programs are included.

VHFPROP BAS 23,512 02-01-89 1:11p Vhfprop.bas
BASICA COM 8,669 09-25-86 1:24p
BASICA EXE 78,266 09-25-86 12:30p Basica.exe
DL6WUANT BAS 9,099 01-01-80 12:40a Dl6wuant.bas
EMICALC BAS 3,417 12-08-89 1:45p Emicalc.bas
HORN BAS 3,547 02-14-89 8:43a Horn.bas
HORNGAIN BAS 3,547 02-14-89 8:43a Horngain.bas
INTBASIC BAS 487 03-08-89 2:24p Intbasic.bas
LOOP55 BAS 5,898 03-13-92 12:03p Loop55.bas
LOOP55 EXE 40,746 03-13-92 12:29p Loop55.exe
LOOPYAGI BAS 4,218 02-14-92 12:38p Loopyagi.bas
LOOPYAGM BAS 4,242 06-19-92 12:13a Loopyagm.bas
BASIC BAT 38 02-11-92 9:08a Basic.bat

Program Name: Antenna

Function: Antenna Design
License type: Freeware
Description: Loop Yagi design, Horn antenna design, etc.

SpiceCut is a leading edge solution for automation in generating accurate critical path circuits for spice simulations.

Supported Languages:

Supported Technologies Operating Systems:HP/UX, Solaris/Sun OS
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Price Range:$ 50,000 to $ 100,000
Sales phone:408-748-8888x234
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        Legend Design Technology, Inc. focusing on providing tools and services for the characterization of embedded memory for System-On-Chip (SOC) designs. With an emphasis on productivity and value, our success enabling products, SpiceCut, MemChar, MSIM, revolutionize the time consuming and error prone processes associated with memory characterization by automatically building critical-path circuits and generating the most accurate and optimized timing and power models that reflect the reality of the silicon.

Contact Information: Legend Design Technology Inc
2880 Lakeside Drive Suite# 101,
Santa Clara, CA 95054
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As operating frequencies reach 1GHz and beyond noise introduced from the interconnect and power distribution system must accurately be accounted for in both PCB and IC design. Such noise can destroy timing budgets and cause functional failures. Simulation of these Signal Integrity issues has become a necessity.

Supported Languages:

Supported Technologies Operating Systems:Windows XP/2000/NT , HP/UX, Solaris/Sun OS
Based Upon:- Unspecified -
Sales phone:408-436-9070x106

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     ApsimFDTD-SPICE is the first full wave electromagnetic field solver fully integrated with a non-linear circuit simulator. ApsimFDTD-SPICE combines a Finite Difference Time Domain 3D field solution with the industry standard non linear circuit simulator SPICE. The simulator is targeted for designs operating above 1GHz but is applicable at any frequency. The solution is the most accurate for electromagnetic problems with non-linear devices. It is ideal for digital high speed designs where clock timing and accurate delays are crucial.
    Traditional SI simulation tools start to become inaccurate at very high speeds due to high frequency effects such as dispersion, dielectric loss, skin effects and non-TEM modes. Such SI tools assume perfect power and ground planes. The planes in a high speed application are where the return currents are found. Perforations due to vias, slits or cuts and other imperfections greatly affect these return currents and therefore the signal quality. 3D full wave solvers do a good job of modeling these effects but are only applicable and accurate for linear circuits. Using 3D full wave techniques, circuit equivalent elements are first derived from S parameters and then simulated separately by a non-linear circuit simulator.
    ApsimFDTD-SPICE solves the problem set in the time domain. At every time step information is passed back and forth between the field solution and the non-linear simulator. The result is the most accurate solution for Maxwell?s equations and non-linear circuits. ApsimFDTD-SPICE can handle SPICE transistor level or IBIS models. All standard SPICE and ApsimSPICE elements are supported. ApsimFDTD-SPICE is applicable for both PCB and IC designs.
    The physical structure can be input by use of ApsimPGEDIT. ApsimPGEDIT is a graphical tool used to enter, import and edit the physical structure. ApsimPGEDIT can import from popular CAD software, DXF formats or TIFF files. The FDTD ports are defined and then brought into the SPICE net list as special elements. The rest of the non-linear circuit is described in SPICE. The outputs from ApsimFDTD-SPICE include time domain voltages, currents and other SPICE output formats. Time domain 3D field plots and S parameters are output by the simulator.
    The approach used in ApsimFDTD-SPICE allows tough electromagnetic problems to be solved with real world component models for a accurate solution over a wide range of the frequency spectrum not possible before.

Contact Information: Applied Simulation Technology
1641 N. First Street, Suite 170
San Jose, CA. 95112
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    MSIM is a characterization-oriented spice circuit simulator, which offers high speed and high accuracy for standard cell and memory characterization.

Additional Product Information

     Legend Design Technology, Inc. focusing on providing tools and services for the characterization of embedded memory for System-On-Chip (SOC) designs. With an emphasis on productivity and value, our success enabling products, SpiceCut, MemChar, MSIM, revolutionize the time consuming and error prone processes associated with memory characterization by automatically building critical-path circuits and generating the most accurate and optimized timing and power models that reflect the reality of the silicon.

Supported Languages:English Supported Technologies Operating Systems:HP/UX, Linux

Based Upon:- Unspecified -
Sales phone:408-748-8888

Contact Information: Legend Design Technology Inc
2880 Lakeside Drive Suite# 101,
Santa Clara, CA 95054
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        The High End Engineering System for Electrical Engineering with complete projecting and customizing functionality which can be highly automated and fully adapted to standards, industrial sectors and companies.
Additional Product Information
            With more than 22,000 installed licenses, ELCAD belongs to the market leading ECAE systems; ELCAD stands for the high-end standard within the electro-technical planning.
            ELCAD's range of functions, which has been continuously growing since 1985, represents a maximum of automation facilities and a high degree of openness to systems. ELCAD creates all documents required for electro-technical plants, such as circuit diagrams, terminal and connector diagrams, ordering and parts list, contents lists, wiring and cable lists, assembly diagrams, assignment lists etc.
            The integration of ELCAD into the customers' workflow starting from the plant or machine design within an EMD environment up to the service events at the site of the final customers represents the consequent fulfilment of the demands of the customers.
            XLS and MDB interfaces ensure a comfortable Office Integration. Random external databases can be accessed via the ODBC.
This data exchange can automatically be performed via the outstanding Data Server Technology.
            All handling elements are well known from the Office world and result in an intuitive handling of the powerful functionalities.
            The Online functionalities, innumerable automatic functions and comprehensive configuration facilities ensure an optimum support of the designers' projecting style.
One of the unique outstanding features is the automatic Revision.

Management: The automatic revision management makes ELCAD unique in the field of CAE software: ELCAD recognizes all changes within documents at the push of a button and creates a document where all these changes are shown.
        The cabinet wiring contains, among others, the following functions: automatic length determination of all wires and transfer of these data to automats for the preparation of the wires, support of cabinet assembly.
                ELCAD can be used both at single workstations and within a network.
Several designers can simultaneously work with ELCAD in the same project within the network, since a real multi-user operation mode is implemented.
Licensing is possible, according to the customers' requests, via a Hardlock, a Flying License or a heterogeneous combination of both.
            ELCAD is completely upward compatible, i.e. projects created with older ELCAD versions can be edited with the current release without incompatibilities.
        This is a basic request of the customers which, however, cannot be ensured by all ECAE systems.
            By means of this upward compatibility the customers can save his investments already made in the field of data generation.
                Best software ergonomics, integration facilities without limitations and features such as automatic revision management and cabinet wiring, turn ELCAD in this combination into an outstanding offer for electrical engineering.
Supported Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish Supported Technologies Operating Systems:Windows XP/2000/NT
Price Range:5000 $ to 25000$
Sales phone:+49 511 6103 0

AUCOTEC AG Leistungsbeschreibung des Elektro-CAE Referenzsystems ELCAD auf ... rotring data AG - let's make engineering easy! (Maschinenbau ...
EPLAN Electric P8 is proven to help increase quality, reduce cost and bring products to market faster whenever and wherever controls hardware design engineering is an important part of your business.

EPLAN Electric P8 is the ultimate flexible solution for global design engineering. It’s innovative and user friendly. In fact, EPLAN Electric P8 is so much more that to better describe what makes it different, superior and ahead of its time, perhaps we should mention what it’s not.

EPLAN Electric P8 is not a drafting package. With Electric P8, you will eliminate, repetitive, unproductive, mundane and tedious manual work associated with traditional drafting packages. No more spending valuable time on wire numbering, device naming, cross referencing, checking for errors and generating bill of materials and wire lists. Instead, you’ll focus your attention on design engineering to meet critical deadlines and fulfill high accuracy and quality expectations.

EPLAN Electric P8 is not a collection of home grown add-ons and scripts that runs on top of an inferior package. EPLAN Electric P8 is a native program, which means it is the only software you’ll need for creating comprehensive electrical controls system designs. This does not mean that it’s isolated. On the contrary, EPLAN Electric P8 has advanced interface and output capabilities to leverage your work in other disciplines such as manufacturing, purchasing, panel build, equipment build, etc.

Whether you are looking to reduce your design time by up to 60% or implement a complete solution that will integrate with your entire engineering process for exponential productivity gains and cost savings, EPLAN Electric P8 scales to fit virtually any budget and requirements set regardless of your company's size.

We could go on and on, but we’d rather let our software speak for itself. Give us a call today to set up an EPLAN Electric P8 software presentation and discover for yourself the better and faster way to design and manage your electrical projects.

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  • » Intelligent Parts Selection and Management
Supported Languages:Finnish, Norwegian, French, Polish, German, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, English Supported Technologies Operating Systems:Windows XP/2000/NT
Programming Languages:
Product Type(s):Software
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Sales phone:248-945-9204
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Contact Information: EPLAN Software & Services LLC
33533 W. 12 Mile Road
Suite 180
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
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  • SiliconExpert - search 185 Million electronic components for cross reference, lifecycle, parametric, environmental & inventory data.
  • Parkers Engineering features electrical / electronic forumulas software.
  • Designerswest is a technical publisher / distributor of practical engineering/scientific calculation software and reference handbooks for students, designers, engineers, architects and educators.
  • XFusion Software allows a digital design engineer the capability to quickly and effectively draw digital timing diagrams.
  • EMI Software develops electromagnetic interference prediction software for electronics designers and engineers.
  • Electrist is an electrical & electronic engineering calculator for the Palm OS.
  • Dolphin's Software has Volts, a full-featured electricican's calculator licensed by the NFPA NEC, as well as Conversions, an extremely accurate unit conversion calculator.
  • LabVIEW software from National Instruments - the most widely used software for test, measurement, and control.
  • SureCount - the world's first symbol recognition software designed for the construction industry.
  • Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator - CAD package for the design and analysis of electrical transmission lines and directional couplers of totally arbitary cross section.
  • VIA Development Corporation provides AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT based electrical controls design software. Automatic generation of BOM's, wire lists, etc.
  • FMEA Software - FMEA-Pro is a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis software for manufacturers of Automotive, Electronic, Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing products.
  • Circuit Magic is educational software showing circuit calculations using Kirchhoff's laws, Node Voltage and Mesh Current methods.
  • Dromey Design has powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use electrical analysis software.
  • VHDL Test Bench Tool - generates test benches that are both low-cost and unlike other tools not constraining.
  • SynaptiCAD is your source for cutting edge timing analysis and VHDL & Verilog generation and simulation software.
  • netCOMPONENTS Electronic Component Sourcing Database - contains billions of parts from hundreds of stocking distributors worldwide! Multilingual site has free demo.
  • PartMiner - The world's best way to search the internet for electronic components.
  • Siborg Systems - Educational and Research software for Electrical Engineering Students.